Using ultra-modern equipment, we provide comprehensive eye examination and testing, we also provide a wide range of lenses, frames and accessories as well.

Services Include:

Eye Examination

  • We offer slit lamp examination of the external parts of the eye as well as ophthalmoscopy exam of the internal parts of the eye.

Specialist Consultation (Ophthalmologist).

  • - Glaucoma Assessment
  • - Treatment of Conjunctivitis ,styes , Chalazions, Blepharitis


  • - Frames : we stock standard and designer frames for children and adults
  • - Lens modification
  • - Accessories such as lens cases, lens cords, lens cleaners, solutions among others.

When do you need an eye test?

  • - when you see any of the following warning signs
    • - partial loss of vision
    • - sudden eye pain or redness
    • - scratchy irritated eye
    • - blurriness or cloudiness of vision
    • - sudden loss of vision
  • - At least every two years
  • - If you have a disease like Hypertension or Diabetes. then your doctor may recommend more frequent eye tests.