The Cardio Unit is a mordern state-of-the-art unit that provides comprehensive cardiac care to patients.


Cardiac Investigations include


  • - stress ECG (treadmill)
  • - Echocardiography
  • - 24hr ECG & BP monioring (Hotler)
  • - ECG at rest
  • - Doppler and much more

An endoscopy is when the inside of a person’s digestive system or other body cavities are examined using a long, thin flexible (or rigid) tube which has a light and a video camera (endoscope). The images of the inside of the person’s digestive tract can then be seen on a screen and also recorded so the doctors can check it again.


There is NO LONG QUEUE LASTING MONTHS, (Endoscopies are done within a week)

Your report is ready on the same day of your endoscopy.

  • - 24hr General Consultation
  • - Specailist Consultations & Clinics

  • - 24hr Emergency Services
  • - 24hr Ambulance Service
  • - Pharmacy

At C&J, we understand that preparing for and having surgery can be very stressful.

However, in the event such treatment becomes necessary, our surgical team, made up of specialist general and plastic surgeons, anesthetics and nurses are committed to providing you with the highest quality care, our competent staff are here to make the entire process as easy as possible.


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Using ultra-modern equipment, we provide comprehensive eye examination and testing, we also provide a wide range of lenses, frames and accessories as well.


Services Include:


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In our efforts to promote healthy living and wellness amongst our clients, we have special medical exam packages for all ages. An individual can simply walk in, and have a thorough health checkup under to supervision and guidance of a medical doctor.


These medical exam packages include:

  • - Well man
  • - Well woman
  • - Well child

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We appreciate that every woman needs and deserves special care and treatment for this time in her life. At our facility, our focus is to provide you with quality care, comfort and peace of mind on such a big day. Our team consists of specialist Obstetrician, Gynecologists, Doctors, Nurse, Midwives and Anesthetists to help you through out from conception to delivery.


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We use ultra-modern lab technology to support your clinician in the diagnosing, treatment and monitoring of the wide range of condition.


Our services include:

  • - Chemical pathology
  • - Hormone assays
  • - Tumor markers
  • - Haematology
  • - Microbiology
  • - Molecular biology
  • - Cytology / Histopathology
  • - Serology

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We are committed to providing high quality ambulance services at a price you can afford.

Our ambulance services are there to help people with serious or life threatening condition who need to access medical care urgently.

In addition, we provide a range of planned health care and transport services.

Currently, we transport patients from as far as Eastern, Central and Volta regions to access MRI, CT Scan and other specialized services available at our facility


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With over 20yrs of experience, caring for more than 160 companies in various sectors in Ghana we can help you with your corporate health care needs.

For employers looking forward to minimize absenteeism, increase productivity and reduce overall health care cost, we have the right medical packages for you.


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